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Sonoma City Council considers funding for the Farm

Updated: Apr 2, 2019

Please attend

Monday November 19th at the 6 p.m. Regular meeting in the City Council Chambers, 177 First Street West(Sonoma Police Station).

The Sonoma City Council will discuss the request by the Blue Wing Adobe Trust for $1,000,000 to fund 25% of the conservation easement on the Castagnasso Clydesdale Farm.

Attending the City Council meeting will show to support our efforts to preserve the iconic farm that helps make Sonoma such a special place.

The Council has to look at many aspects of our town and we feel that the conservation of Mission Bell Farm is an attractive opportunity for a responsible investment in Sonoma’s community and local economy.

Please attend the meeting and support the Blue Wing Adobe Trust in our efforts to preserve the farm.

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