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We are Still Here

Wappo Presentation Series (4 parts)

The Wappo tribe lived in and around the Sonoma Valley for centuries before the arrival of European immigrants. The Sonoma Valley Historical Society, in partnership with the Sonoma Community Center, is pleased to have two members of the Mishewal Wappo Tribe present the four-part series, “We Are Still Here: Presentations by Desirae Harp and Tektekh”.

September 12—Oral Traditions. A presentation on the role of storytelling, language, and ceremony in Wappo culture.

September 19—Culture. A hands-on demonstration of Wappo cultural artifacts and their uses.

September 26—Sustainability. Wappo regenerative land management practices.

October 3—The history of the Wappo people in Sonoma Valley.

We invite all community members to attend

Desirae Harp (a member of the Mishewal Wappo tribe) is a singer/songwriter, community organizer, and educator. She is an award-winning singer who has collaborated with internationally acclaimed artists, and she teaches people about indigenous knowledge through her music. A former Native American studies major at San Francisco State, she works for the Mishewal Wappo tribe as a cultural monitor and she co-facilitates a tribal language class. With her mother, Tektekh, she gives Wappo cultural demonstrations and has been working with the Sonoma Ecology Center to educate youth across Sonoma Valley about how the native plants, animals, and waterways are interconnected. She actively works with other California native tribes to help organize an annual intertribal prayer journey called ‘Run4Salmon’.

Tektekh is a member of the Mishewal Wappo tribe. She has been working as a cultural monitor for the tribe and giving Wappo cultural demonstrations for the past 20 years. She started out giving cultural demonstrations at the Jesse Peters Art Museum at Santa Rosa Junior College. Since then, she has given demonstrations in elementary schools, middle schools, high schools, universities, and the Smithsonian Museum. She is on the Native American advisory board of Pepperwood Preserve, and on the board of the North Bay Bear Collaborative. She is a former board member of the California Basketweavers Association ( ).

Registration for these events can be made through the Sonoma Community Center online link

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